23 December 2013

Hmmmm....No. 28 and the new "kitty"

Before I left Colorado for Texas on Thursday, I checked our game camera.

Look who was on there!

I also slipped on some ice.  
But I was okay.

Then we got into the car and drove to Amarillo.

Somewhere along the way I realized my right arm wasn't really working.

The nice ER doc gave me this beautifully wrapped present:

So once I saw the new kitty, I decided it was time to really work on No. 28:  Learn to Shoot a Gun.
But with my right arm wrapped up tight, that will have to wait. 

We'll just be careful.

O! I also woke up with the flu on Sunday. 

And there is no tree and very few presents.

But ...I believe.

In miracles. 
In the Christmas spirit.

Do you?

And while I'm a big believer...until the holidays are over.... Posts may be few and far between. 
Typing on an iPad left handed is wearing. 

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