25 February 2013

Curiosity killed the cat?

Curiosity may kill the cat but it might also explain the dog....

Carlos should have his own blog.

But he doesn't. He has to share with me.

Ever since Carlos miraculously appeared in my dining room last year, I have wondered just what kind of dog he (mostly) is.

The vet says Shar-Pei and German Shepherd.

He certainly has the loose skin of a Shar-Pei around his head and sometimes he wrinkles around the hips when he is sitting down.
There are definitely wrinkles,

A little Botox might help.

A real Chinese Shar-Pei.   
I guess I see a resemblance to the real thing. 

And he is obviously smart so that could be the German Shepherd. He also has the black saddle markings of a German Shepherd.

Carlos- fortuitously color coordinated with our flooring.
He has a bit of a saddle.
Does that make him part German Shepherd, though? 

An official German Shepherd. 
I don't see much of Carlos in this dog.


He has a weird habit of body blocking me when he wants me to move somewhere. He doesn't just push me but he turns sideways and throws his whole body at the back of my legs. This is very effective when we are coming down the stairs. I think that is a herding instinct.

And the neighborhood where he came from has a predominance of pit bulls wandering the streets. I really don't see Shar-Peis OR German Shepherds in that area.  But he doesn't seem to have any pit bull characteristics.   (Thank goodness.)

Fortunately not seeing ANY resemblance here.

Ok, maybe a little resemblance here.

And then one night I was drifting off to sleep with David Letterman and Kevin Bacon chitchatting in the background. And Kevin Bacon had recently acquired a stray dog of questionable lineage. Did you know you can have your dog's DNA tested for a measly 60 bucks??   That's what I learned from Mr. Bacon that night.

Now I am curious by nature. My children and husband say I am downright nosy. They may be right.    But as soon as I heard about DNA testing the dog, I hopped on the internet and ordered me a kit.

There are kits for mixed breeds and specific purebreds.
 Although, if you have a purebred dog, why do you need to DNA test it?

Everything you need to DNA test your dog. Yay!

Because I need to know just what kind of purebred mutt I have.

We got the test and with just a little bit of struggle we got the DNA swab. It only took three of us. I'm pretty sure one of those swabs has my DNA on it,also.  That may be why the company wisely sent TWO swabs.

Do you get the feeling he KNOWS he isn't going to like this?

Just a little swab between the cheek and the gum.

Ok, maybe I did have to forcefully hold his muzzle.
And maybe my daughter did have him in a half-Nelson.
 But I promise no dogs or humans were harmed in this testing.

So in two to three weeks I should have my report. 

I just can't wait!

I am so curious.

UPDATE:  Click here for the results.
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