09 December 2013

Decorating the Cabin: Part Two for REAL!

Decorating the Cabin: Part Two for Real: Inside!

The snow stopped last week finally.

We got about 2 feet total of snow in a 24 hour period.

And we have not been above freezing since last Wednesday.
Every single night we have been in the negative digits.
Every single morning Carlos and I have gone out for a (very quick) walk in the -9º/-6º/-11º weather. Somehow that dog does not understand that it is COLD outside.
Even the people who live here all of the time, people who have been born and raised in Colorado, say that it is unusual to be this cold, this early and for this long.
So why doesn't the dog get it??

Carlos loves a winter wonderland. 

Anyway,  all of this is to explain why I am a little slow on finishing my cabin Christmas decorations. I got the garland and lights up outside and then the cold and snow  hit. All I wanted to do inside was put some greenery out, but I had not cut the greenery. When it is below freezing, the greenery pretty much snaps off in your hands. And not in a good way. More of a "fall apart" way.

So yesterday was warm enough to get out and tromp through the snow to do some cutting. Carlos thought it was a wonderful adventure.

And now I have the stockings hung by the chimney with care and visions of greenery everywhere.
(My apologies to Clement C. Moore.)

Our mantel is so weird. The cabin ceilings are only 7 feet tall- very low. And for some reason the fireplace mantel is high.  It took me forever to find something long and narrow to fill that space.

I love these stockings. Even though I hang them all up with "Nice" on display, it seems "Naughty" turns up overnight.

And look what makes the perfect stocking hanger in a cabin.   Deer antlers. 
Thank you Brother Paul for providing the deer antlers for the fireplace.  My brother would have loved it up here, I'm so sorry he never made it.


We have these twig deer on the porch and by my desk.  We've always called this "Mad Deer Cabin" so they make a good mascot. 

Please notice their scarves. They are hand knitted. 
Yes, by ME!!   
Even though they aren't perfect, I am so pleased that I managed to actually knit something and take it off the knitting needles and put it to use. It's a Christmas miracle. 
(Click here to read about my adventures in knitting.  Learn to knit was No. 51 on my list.)

The kitchen (only) table has greenery also along with some lovely little pom pom dried weeds that I found on the road by the post office. This is budget decorating at its finest. Also, "green" decorating because once we leave town- I'm tossing the whole mess out in the side yard so it can decompose/reseed/mulch itself. 

And finally, even though he is outside, he didn't get decorated earlier. This is Kaiser. He greets everyone that comes to the door. 
It's Colorado. We have to have a bear. 

So thanks for joining me on my decorating tour. Happy holidays to all.
(Click for Posts One and Two on my decorating adventures.)


I have to give a shout out to my girlies and their cheerleading team mates. 
Over the weekend they competed in the Colorado High School Activities Association State Cheerleading Competition.
Even though HALF of their team was new this year, they managed to beat out 7 other teams in their division to win a state championship.  They will even get championship rings.  
Just like the Super Bowl. Only not. 
And the school got a big ol' trophy. 
And the girls get bragging rights. 
I am so proud of them.  They worked very very very hard for this. And their routine was perfect.
Yay for the Salida Spartan Cheerleaders and their amazing and dedicated coaches, Kathy and Audrey. 

My two are dead center- to the right of Josh, the only boy on the team.
And props to Josh who probably got plenty of ribbing for being a cheerleader, but he also plays football.
And guess what? He's the only football player at the school that will get a championship ring this year. 
Besides, how much time did he get to hang out with 13 adorable girls? 
I think Josh is a pretty smart boy.

(If you are really interested, you can click here to see their winning routine.)

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