The Inspiration

The Inspiration for My Sixty by Sixty Project
October 2012
(also my first post)

My brother is dead. He had just turned sixty.
My husband just had emergency surgery, surgery where his options were "operate or die". He will be sixty next week.
I will be sixty in three years and one month-exactly.
Life is short.
There are many things that we mean to do, want to do, intend to do.
But we don't.
So, inspired by my niece Allison who has a Thirty Before Thirty list on her  blogI  have decided to challenge myself to sixty things to do by the time I turn sixty. I have three years and one month to complete my list.   
Some of the things on the list are silly, most are fun, many involve learning something new, some require doing something that I have done before and loved but just "lost time" for. 
Heres the list:

1.   Big 60th birthday trip with Ann D., Peggy, Liddy, Anne M. and Allison. May need to be a year or three early.
2.   Go to The Orange Show
3.   See an Art Car Parade
4.   Performance at Red Rock in Denver (see one, not be in one)
5.   Go to the Opera
6.   Go to the Symphony
7.   Go to the Ballet
8.   Make baby quilts again
9.   Start a blog that I actually let people read
10.  Start a business that makes money – even if it is only $10.00  (Hello, Lemonade stand!!)
11. Get something published
12. Take a snow skiing lesson
13. Thanksgiving at the beach
14.  Nutcracker Market-never been, need to go.
15.  Cozumel
16.  Write a letter every day for a week
17.  Draw every day for a month – at least
18.  Paint a picture
19.  Go up in a hot air balloon-and come down again!
20.  MOVE!
21.  Go to brunch
22.  Surprise a friend in another city for lunch
23.  Get Cable- maybe wait until all the kids are gone. Heehee
24.  Organize all those photos
25. Professional Hockey game- go.
26. Send a Thank you Note every Wednesday (for the rest of my life)
27. Jewelry making- refresh the silver soldering lessons
28. Learn to shoot a gun
29. Plan my funeral
30. Spend a day saying “yes”
31. Have a solstice party
32. Snowcone on the first day of summer or the last day of school
33. Send flowers to a friend that needs them
34. San Antonio
35. Go to my 40th High School Reunion
36. Find a “signature” fragrance or two
37. Spend a rainy day in my jammies- no matter what anyone else says
38. Learn all anyone needs to know about the 18th amendment -this amendment was chosen at random while brainstorming with some friends.
39. Grow a vegetable
40. Make a cake from scratch for someone's birthday
41. Enter something into the fair – either the Ft. Bend County Fair or maybe even the Chaffee County Fair
42. Do a charity walk
43. Get that colonoscopy
44. Read a book a week for a month
45. Spend one day a week on a radio station that I don’t normally listen to. i.e: explore Sirius Radio.
46. Have a dinner party
47. Pay for someone else’s coffee, meal, toll.
48. Call someone I haven’t spoken to in a year.
49. Make a new friend- can that be put on a list and done? We’ll see.
50. Build a snowperson
51. Learn to knit or crochet
52. Museum of Fine Art Houston. Spend the day.
53. Go to a lecture of someone interesting.
54. Go to dinner in Salida by myself, sit at the bar and be fearless rather than eating frozen pizza at the cabin alone
55. See a Polo match

The last five are a work in progress. I promise to have them in there before my birthday in mid December.  I also reserve the right to change or alter some of these. Three years is a long time and yet a blink of the eye. Things can change but my goal is to stick with it all. 
If you have suggestions, input, comments- let me know. I am open to just about anything. I could easily have made this a list of 60 places to go before I turned 60 but then I would have had to rob a bank, abandon my family and forge a passport or two.   I am trying to keep this do-able.
And why would anyone want to read this? Inspiration? Amusement? You're a relative or good friend trying to be supportive? Whatever. 
By hitting "publish" on this post I am starting to fulfill Number 9. I don't consider it "done" until the blog is up and running and adjusted.  I expect fits and starts at first with hopefully a twice a week post. And excuse the errors until I get the hang of this. Can't start with perfection. And can't figure out that indentation problem. Baby steps. 

And  now, 2016.....
I've turned sixty. Lucky me. And things are undone. I'm planning on at least another thirty years of living and learning. Instead of starting a new blog and a new list  I decided to stay with this one and just expand. Again, I am open to suggestions for things to accomplish. 

Life is for living. Don't forget that. 

So join me.

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