12 March 2014

No. 10: Start a business that makes money

No. 10: Start a business that makes money- even if it's only $10.00

OK. I confess.   My expectations are small.

Sort of.

My friend Cherrilla and I have been plotting on this for  a bit.

Cherrilla, when she visited in October.

We were talking today and she said her goal was to have our product in a glossy magazine or associated with some celebrity.   I said my goal was world domination.
At least we are on the same page.

I have been doing some research and all I can say is I totally admire anyone and everyone that has ever started any business more complicated than a lemonade stand.

This has been on my bedside table the last week or so:

Excellent reading if you want to fall asleep promptly.

Pretty much I have determined that starting a small business online invites jail time if you don't follow about a gazillion rules.  It's pretty intimidating.

Forty years ago the two of us attended the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and majored in art. And crafts. And Mexican boys. We learned all important lessons like how to spin our own wool and weave tapestries and how to make pornographic pillows using turpentine transfers.  O! And we learned a little Spanish along the way.  So we have some history. 

Cherrilla 40 years ago.
Hasn't changed a bit, just like me.  

And we both love to sew and have a bit of a creative bent. 

Here's a sneak peak at my part of the new biz.

Lots of fun fabrics!

Cherrilla's part of the business will look much the same only more fabrics in smaller cuts. 

And at least Cherrilla has some experience with this small business stuff.

She's been making By the Sea Salt for the last 15 or so years and selling it.   It's great stuff, fabulous for mixing with a little parmesan and olive oil to make the BEST bread dip. You should try it. 

Click here to order.

So stay tuned.  We are still fine tuning exactly how we are going to start. And we need a name for this venture.  
But No. 10 will happen, sooner or later. 

And if any of you readers have suggestions, ideas, warnings, whatever re: starting an online business, please feel free to share.  Thanks!

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