25 April 2014

Follow Up Friday

Follow Up Friday:  A Couple of Things

First, yesterday was the launch of No.10: Start a Business.  Yay!

Every blanket gets this little card attached.

To celebrate the launch of the new blanket and quilt business, Cherry Creek Co., there will be not one but TWO give-aways. Two  of my nieces (they're twins!) are each having give-aways on their blogs starting today.
Go visit Amanda at Meet The Joiners  and Allison at The Blogivers  for a chance to win your choice of blanket.

And to get a look at the blankets, visit the Etsy store:

A selection of blankets blowing in the breeze.

And second, a garden update.  Things are blooming! 

Just barely, but I thought I would share.

First up are the daffodils. I took this Thursday morning and by Thursday night
there were three daffs open. I love their little faces. 

 There are some volunteer grape hyacinths.

This is the first of the tulips to open. 
But there are LOTS more to come.

And I'm not sure what this little flower is. Is it part of that vine? 
I wasn't aware that vine would bloom.
But I also have never been at the cabin in April or May, so who knows!?

 These are three little Sugar Pea plants.  
I got the feeling that my indoor seeds (No. 39:Grow a vegetable) just weren't going 
to do much. In fact, they look exactly like they did last month
So I hedged my bets and planted some peas outside.
So far so good. At least they have sprouted.

 And this has me scratching my head. It's a hole, slightly caved in.
I have a feeling it connects to...

 ...this hole. Entrance? Exit? 
I'm just not familiar with things that dig holes in gardens.

We have had some beautiful 60º weather with lots of sunshine. Could Spring be here for real?
Crossing my fingers.

Happy weekend!

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