01 April 2014

While We Were Gone

While We Were Gone: A Wednesday Edition

We made it back from Spring Break in Texas.


I'll post about our travels later on but until I get my act together and pictures gathered, y'all will just have to settle for what went on at the cabin while we were gone.  

Because of course, life is still doing its thing around here.

On the game camera we had your typical game of cat and mouse.
Only here at the little cabin in the woods we use different playing pieces.

Like fox and….


The deer came for lunch.   They don't wait to be invited. And they don't care whether we are home or not. Probably prefer for us to not be home, truthfully.

And my little seedlings lived!
Sort of.
The group that had already sprouted looks a little mildew-y or maybe burned.
But I think at least some of them will make it.  I made a little terrarium out of a plastic bag and it seems to have been semi-successful.

I think these are the peppers. 

Amazingly the other pots each had a sprout!  I am so excited.
I totally expected to come home to four dead pots so to have any life at all is a thrill.

 Which would make these two pots tomatoes.

I think. 

Last but not least, this little guy had to spend a whole week at the kennel.  He was really happy to have me come get him today.

Good dog, Carlos. We missed you, too.

Happy to be back home. Or back here. It all gets a bit confusing at times.

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