02 January 2014

Follow Up Friday

Follow Up Friday: What went on while we were away.

I love having a game camera here at the cabin.

We get to see the wildlife that roams around at night. Or during the day. We see when it snowed, even when we aren't here.
It doubles as a security camera- documenting everyone that comes down the drive.

And while we were gone this past week, it caught some of our furry friends up to no good.

If you remember, I decorated with greenery around here for Christmas.  This is Kaiser, our carved bear that sits on the front porch, greeting people.
He got a bouquet of greenery for the holidays.

Isn't he cute? 

Because it can be very windy around here, I tied Kaiser's greens straight to his body. I didn't want them falling off. 

See Kaiser on the front corner of the porch?
Dusted with snow, but definitely holding his bouquet.

So imagine my confusion when I returned and found the greenery on the ground.  
Did we have THAT much wind? 

Then I checked the game camera. 

Not that  much wind, just some hungry visitors.

 Notice the deer up on the front porch. 
She's not dropping off a Christmas present.

So tasty, she was still there when the sun came up.

And the deer weren't the only ones that showed up.

There is a little fox that lives at the bottom of our driveway. Occasionally I will see it when I come in late at night.  
The girlies, who tend to come in later than I do much more often,  say they see the little fox frequently.

While we (and probably most importantly, Carlos) were gone, it made the run up and down the drive a few times. 

 Early in the evening, going out for a stroll.

Almost morning, better get back to the den.

According to the black tipped tail this is probably a gray fox.  Isn't he (she) cute? 

And while I don't have proof of any wrong-doing, the wreath that was hung on the gate also looks a little sparse. As in, the entire bottom of it is gone. 

Before we left.

After we returned. 
The bottom left portion is definitely a little more bare.

Those bad deer?   Probably so.
But, like I said, no proof.

I hope everyone's 2014 is off to a wonderful start. 

I have been extremely lazy in the name of "getting plenty of rest and enabling my right arm to heal".
So far so good. 

Back to the grind next week. 

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