20 November 2013

Happy happy one year for real...

So today is the actual one year anniversary for this blog.

I'm impressed with myself for sticking with the writing AND sticking with all my challenges.

And so because I've been good, I'm going to reward one of you lovely readers. 

I was torn as to just how to reward y'all but I think maybe a gift card is the best way to go. Easy peasy and everybody likes a little something extra around the holidays.  

Sooo... A $20 gift card to..... Amazon.com.    Because you can get books, or projects, or entertainment all from Amazon.com. 

And to win this lovely gift card?
Either sign up for email delivery and leave me a comment  telling me that you did or if you are already signed up, leave that in a comment also.
Or sign up with Google+... I'm still trying to exactly figure out what Google+ is but I know you can get the blog from there...and leave me a comment to that effect.
And/or go to Project Sixty by 60 on Facebook and "like" me for an extra chance.

There will  be a random drawing-I get to learn how to use one of those random drawing web sites-and the winner will be announced on the Friday after Thanksgiving. (The contest goes from  Wed., Nov. 20 to Wed., Nov. 27) 

And if I get more than 3 entries, maybe I'll add in a couple of boobie  prizes. A book, a drawing, or a cup of coffee... Who knows?! It will be a surprise. 

Happy Blogiversary to me!

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