24 October 2013

Gates and a tiny Follow Up Friday

Ranch Gates, House Gates and Just Gates, but not Bill Gates.
Also, a tiny Follow Up Friday:

Carlos and I walk most every morning.

I always tell him we are "just going to the end of the lane" but then we get going and we end up doing the 2 mile loop or sometimes even the 3 mile loop.

I've been noticing ranch gates/ property gates as we walk.  I am quite sure if I was back in Texas I could see millions of these. But I am not in the country in Texas. I am in the country in Colorado.  So Colorado gates it is.

This is a big important ranching operation.  You can tell by the big important gate sign. And the fragrance of cows that wafts my way at night. It's not even that close but I guess cows are heavy on fragrance.

Massive posts, massive property.

I love this one. Very simple. 

I couldn't really get a good pic but the part I love best is this little vignette at the left side:

A heart address and an iron bee skep complete with iron bees.

Makes me want to go meet the owners. They must be nice people.

While this one doesn't have a sign or post across the top, it does have some impressive stone work. I love that the owners used a most plentiful resource around here (rocks) to make their entry grand. 
(I'm sorry that my photos aren't better. These are taken with my iPad. My good camera needs a little servicing...)

Great stone work supporting some sturdy posts.

Another MASSIVE entrance.  This sign must be twenty feet high. Probably 20-25"diameter posts. I love that they went to all the trouble to impress me.

And this is my most favorite. A little Dr. Seuss, a little Charlie Brown's Christmas tree. Whimsical and an excellent example of recycling. A couple of dead pines arranged just so....

I wonder if they hang a little ornament on that right end at Christmas?

And this is our gate.
No sign. Barely opens and closes. Which is okay because it doesn't go to anything anymore.
It used to be the entrance to a round pen and stall for some long dead horse. The pen posts have fallen over and the stall has been turned into a shed.
Still, I love that you can see where the horse was cribbing.

Maybe we need to spruce it up. We jokingly call this place Mad Deer Cabin. I wanted it to be Mad Deer Lodge but cabin stuck instead.
Possibly a little wooden sign cut from a tree slice, with Mad Deer burned in, hung on the front with a  leather strap?
Or maybe just a wreath to celebrate the upcoming holidays?

And for the tiny Friday Follow Up:

Remember my fall decor with the mum on the front porch?

And then it snowed and  a bunny hopped across the front deck?

Followed by my returning home after the weekend and discovering half the mum gone?

Well, here is the mum this morning.

Umm. Where have all the flowers gone?

I think that bunny is pushing it.

That's all.
Have a wonderful weekend. 
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