17 October 2013

Follow Up Friday: A Couple of Things

Follow Up Friday: A Couple of Things

I'm traveling this weekend so I thought I would tie up a few loose ends before I left.


First, we had our first real snow here at the cozy cabin in the woods.
It snowed all day but the temp was above freezing so it didn't stick. Then it snowed all night and Yay! the snow stuck.
Carlos and I took a walk and I took a few pictures.
Come along with us:

Almost looks like Christmas!
Think the neighbors would mind
 if I chopped down their tree for 

 Okay. This is just beautiful.  And a little surreal there in the background.

The front yard with one of  the Twin Sisters peaking out of the clouds.
The sun had been up a couple of hours and the snow was going quickly.

Apparently we weren't expecting Winter to visit since we are -Duh!- Texans.   That would explain the flower pot next to the swing. Flowers covered in snow....

 Anyway, it isn't even Halloween yet. We just carved some pumpkins.
(I admit to using the term "we" loosely. I had nothing to do with the pumpkin carving.)

 Fluffy stuff.

I love that a bunny came to the front porch to check out my Fall decorations.

Bunny prints in the snow leading from chair to chair. 
Or is that from the flowers to the pumpkins? 

Even our shed looks lovely surrounded by snow.  Amazing how Mother Nature can make a wood pile look good with a little dressing up. 

And my buddy Carlos (dressed like a true Super Hero) was also sporting a bit of snow.
He thought it was all there to eat. 

Notice the hammock in the background. 
Maybe it is time to do some winterizing? 
Maybe bring the slack line in, also?

And in the time it has taken me to upload the pictures, the snow is almost gone.
Sounds like it is raining outside as the snow melts off the roof.
But I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be back. 

Knitting 2.0:

Not being a total quitter, I decided to try again with the knitting.
You can read about my original attempt here.  Learning to knit is No. 51 on the list.
This time I am using the Fisher Price version of knitting needles-almost like "training needles". 
Big fat needles and big fat yarn.
So far so good. Looks like a project for the airplane while we travel. 

Scarf width. Not two inches wide. 

Y'all may be getting home made scarves for Christmas after all....
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