05 October 2013

Everyone is Decorating...

The Fall decorations are out....

Everyone seems to be decorating!

I have company this week, my friend Cherrilla from Martha's Vineyard.   We have been playing and so I have NOT been doing any blogging.  But we did take care of knitting class earlier today.   (No. 51: 
Learn to knit or crochet)    I'll post on that next week. 

In the meantime, it seems the Fall/Halloween decorations are all over.

So a few pictures to inspire everyone:
I'm decorating:

The mantel gets pumpkins and antlers.
The front porch gets a mum and more pumpkins and gourds.

Another shot of the pine cone garland.

Kaiser the bear holds greenery.

The neighbors are decorating:
Maybe I need to take a little banana bread to 
the neighbors. They are looking a little thin.

"Witch's House-1 mile"
Wait, do I live one mile away?? 
Maybe no banana bread for them after all.

And O! Goodness!  Look who else is decorating!
Mother Nature herself.

The trees are turning...

Seriously, isn't this amazing? 

No, this tree is not on fire.
Looks like molten gold. 

And maybe this is jumping the gun a bit.
But isn't it pretty? 
Someone left their sprinkler on last night.

So Colorado may not have the reds of New England, but we certainly do have our Fall displays going on.

Get out and enjoy the scenery.

Back to my list next week. 

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