27 January 2013

Again- In Honor of Starting Something New.

Another fabulous project not quite completed.

Again taking a break from my 60x60 list to celebrate my third little project.   Except she isn't so little any more.

My baby Bunny turned fifteen on Saturday.  How can that be?

Here I am- 42 years old and 14 months pregnant. At least.
Pretty sure big sister was using me as an umbrella.

One week old. Love those sleeping babies.

And love those driving babies.

 And she loves her little cousins.

 She was a fierce pirate.

An even fiercer soccer player.

And obviously a fierce fly fisher.

These kind of driving babies make me nervous.

And now, somehow, all grown up.

My third child.   My last child.
Stubborn as a mule. I even went to the hospital three Mondays in a row just to have her. She's been making grand entrances ever since. 
Sharp as a tack.  Taught herself to read. 
Determined to be older and wiser than everyone else.
Has plans to be President. She says I can live in the White House basement.  
Another unfinished project. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

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