14 January 2013

In Honor of Starting Something New

Off track again... 

Taking another break from my 60 x60 list to celebrate one of the three most amazing projects I have ever undertaken. 

My son.

He turned 21 on Sunday.  How can that be? 

This is me 21 years and one month ago.

Hanging on to some 80s hair and loving those ENORMOUS glasses.

January 1992

 Nothing better than a sleeping baby...

From baby to Batman in the blink of an eye.

 Except maybe a kid in costume.

Love these two faces.

With our fabulous Golden, Jake, when he was just a puppy. 
Bone cancer took that dog much too soon.

My most favorite picture.

Love the kid, love the music, love that diamond earring.

 And just a few weeks ago.

With Christian from The Hates at the Beer Can House in Houston.
I'm claiming the kid on the right.
He's been my easy baby, my button hating boy, my music loving teen and now my challenging adult. Some projects are never ending.
Thank goodness. 

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