04 August 2013


A question.
You are relocating for  4 to 5 months. What do you pack? 

You can only take what fits into a car. Two people to a car.
You aren't going to a Third World country.
The climate will be different than where you normally live.

Pursuant to No. 20 Lite: Move! Or in this case: Relocate!  we are in the process of gathering our things.

Bunny and Belle have both come to me.
"Should we be packing?"
"What do we pack?"

Good question.  Be realistic. EVERYTHING does not need to go.
I realize this is harder for their age than mine.
I did move to Connecticut when I was 19 or 20 (somewhere in there- the exact year escapes me) and shipped BOXES of clothes that I did not wear once, so I get it.  Those were clothes I thought I had to have with me. But I didn't. I either ended up wearing the same favorites that I always wore or bought more "Connecticut appropriate" clothes.

I told them to look at this as an opportunity to simplify their lives. To streamline.
They replied that they did not understand. What do you mean? What language are you speaking?

I fear this is what we will look like come Saturday:

Clothes are not my priority. I've gotten to the point where I wear lots of the same thing in different colors. Lots of black, gray, white and denim with scarves or beads for color. I am allotting myself one very large duffle for clothes. The coats and boots and shoes can go in a separate bag.

But then the extras.
The cabin has all the necessities.

But today I am gathering some quilting supplies. There will be another great niece born while we are in Colorado and a quilt will need to be made.  There is already a sewing machine there.

And beading supplies. Salida has a lovely bead store and I am partial to beaded necklaces. Maybe I can get that refresher course on silver soldering. Make a little jewelry.  (No. 27: Refresh the silver soldering lessons)

Some water colors. My drawing pencils. My sketch pad.

Stationery. Favorite pens. The address book.

The good camera and it's fancy extra lens.

The handwritten cookbook with all the favorite recipes.

See?  This isn't that easy.

What would you pack for a four month break in your life?

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