18 July 2013

Follow Up Friday: We Are Alone

Follow Up Friday: We Are Alone...

Back in June I posted about the red-bellied woodpecker that made a nest in a tree in our backyard.

I was so excited about having baby woodpeckers.

Somehow I thought I would be on top of this development and would actually get to see the babies.

And right after I came back from Colorado I did  hear baby woodpeckers. Mom would fly in with a bug and the sound from the tree was pretty amazing.

But whenever I heard them there was also a lawnmower buzzing or the neighbors talking or SOMETHING, so I never got a Vine of the mama flying in and out and the babies chirping.

And this past week I stood outside watching the hole and listening and guess what??

There will be no pics of baby woodpeckers.

There will be no audio clips of baby woodpeckers.

Everyone has moved on.

I am SO bummed.

Now I know:

It takes only about 12 days for the eggs to hatch. Then the hatchlings are only in the nest for 24 to 27 days.
The day that I heard them squealing so loudly the mother and father woodpecker were flying in and out, both taking care of the babies. I foolishly believed they would hang around all summer.  

Wish I had done my research a little sooner.

Maybe next year.  Apparently they do like to come back to the same tree to nest year after year.
There is hope.

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