14 April 2013

Something fun

No challenges, just something fun.

Last week in the local paper (Houston Chronicle) there was an article titled "Parents: Know what apps your teens are using".

Having a couple of teenagers and curious if I was up on Social Media, I read.

Huh? Well, at least it didn't mention My Space.

Facebook is passé. At least for teens. And the article does confirm that.
I knew that before the Facebook IPO, which I also could have told you would be a bust. And I pretty much know nothing about the stock market, finance or economics.
But seriously.
Once everyone and their grandmother is on a social networking site, the teens will be abandoning it like cockroaches on a sinking ship.

According to this article Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are the three biggies. That led me to feeling a bit smug because no mention was made of the new app Vine.

(Update from Tuesday. Vine is probably already also passé as I have just discovered it and I am over the age of 21. Just sayin'. It's still fun.)

And I love Vine. I'm no good at it, but I think it's fun. And very creative.
A Vine is just a 6 second looping video.

I had Bunny make a couple of Vine videos for you, featuring my favorite canine.

and...because she felt bad being mean

I figure this has to be the new hot thing because a couple of weeks ago the girls came home saying that EVERY SINGLE class that they went to that day had a lecture on not taking any Vine videos in school.  Apparently the teachers do not like being the subject of unauthorized videos.  There was also some mention of law suits which seemed like a bit of over kill.

Anyway, one of the downsides of Vine videos is that there are zero privacy controls. Maybe that is what had the teachers upset.

The upside is they are clever and fun...

THIS is what your teenagers are up to!

And Tuesday I take the baby quilts to the babies and then I can post pictures. Finally. 

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