21 March 2013

No. 17: Uggs, Tomatoes and Ruby

No. 17: Draw every day for a month
Uggs, Tomatoes and Ruby.

Ok, three more days of drawing for No. 17: Draw every day for a month.

I have to admit, some days it is the end of the day and I haven't drawn anything and I think "Really? Do I have to?"
And then I realize, no, I don't have to.
But I want to because I gave myself a challenge and I would hate to wuss out now.

So here we are at the ultimate of laziness: drawing my feet which are in my cozy, comfy Uggs
on Day 19.

Why yes! It IS March in Texas. 
Why am I wearing fur lined boots?

Because I have just come from a soccer game. 
No matter what the temperature in the High School parking lot,
it is ALWAYS 38 degrees with hurricane force winds in the bleachers. 

Day 20 had me bonding with the produce. 
I came home from Bunko late last night and nothing had been drawn. The tomatoes were the first thing I saw. 

Yum! I love these little yellow ones.

It was late, I wasn't that inspired, best I could do. 
Possibly a couple of beers had been consumed during the evening.
I still tried.

And today's drawing, Day 21, was done early because tonight we are having 18 soccer players over for spaghetti dinner. I have a few other things to take care of besides drawing.  Like dinner for 18. 

Yesterday's post mentioned the chinchilla. Here she is.  
This is Ruby.

It may look like Ruby is giving me the "stink-eye" because she is.
Carlos is standing right behind me.
Those two don't always get along.

Here is Ruby without the bars.

When Bunny was 12 she decided she needed a chinchilla.  
Her dad and I fought her on this for an entire year. 
Meanwhile, Bunny saved her money and finally announced she was getting a chinchilla no matter what.  The dad and I had pretty much resigned ourselves to there being a chinchilla in the house. 
The weekend before Bunny's 13th birthday she played Bingo at a local country club. 
She won $132.00.
Know how much a chinchilla costs?  
Yep.  $132.00 including tax.
We were screwed.
The next morning, Ruby came to live with us.  Ruby is now two.

Here are some things you probably don't know about chinchillas.

The big one: Chinchillas live from 12 to TWENTY years. Which means that Bunny can take Ruby to college, grad school and on her honeymoon. I hope her future husband and children all like Ruby. 

They can't tolerate heat above 80 degrees. That is inconvenient in Texas and has had a direct influence on our electric bill in the summer. The upstairs stays a lovely 76 degrees or below whether anyone else is up there or not.

You can't get chinchillas wet. They bathe in dust baths which is the most adorable thing to watch. It also makes an enormous mess. But it's adorable. If they get wet, they can rot. Or get fungus. Or turn into a Gremlin.

It takes about 150 chinchillas to make one fur coat.   Unfortunately if you have ever held a chinchilla, you know why they make coats out of them. Ruby is the softest thing EVER.  

If you grab a chinchilla that doesn't want to be caught, their hair will slip out, leaving you with a handful of fur and them with their lives. 

They are adorable. 

Have a lovely weekend...I'm off to make pots of spaghetti.

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