23 January 2013

We can all learn something new. Or can we?

Learning something new. Or not.
Also, my niece Allison is a GENIUS.

I used to have a a lovely little garden by the front fence:

                                                                        Ok. This isn't really MY garden. It is Monet's.
                                                                                 But mine was almost as pretty.
                                                                                  Giverny Photo by Ariane Cauderlie

Now I have this:

Garden mayhem.

And this:

Muddy dog wanting to come in but I am blocking his way.

This is Carlos.
Carlos is mostly nose. And mouth. But that's another post.

He came into our lives unexpectedly. At least for the adults of the house it was unexpected. The silly girls brought him home one Friday night when Daddy-O was out of town. And by the time the Prince of a husband got home-well, he was a pretty cute puppy.  (O! And the husband didn't speak to me for a week.)

Carlos- eight weeks. Pretty cute, huh?

And, as it turns out, Carlos is pretty smart.  (My niece Allison is a genius.)

He can open the back door.  Ok, lots of dogs learn how to turn the round knob with their paws.

Click here if you can't see the video.

BUT, Carlos also can close the back door.  (My niece Allison is a genius.)

Click here if you can't see the video.

Boy showed Carlos what to do twice and Carlos figured it out.

Now it is kinda weird when I hear the back door open, then shut and then this happy little face comes running to me. If I want to keep Carlos outside, I have to lock him outside.  He doesn't ALWAYS close the door after himself which can also be a problem.

But isn't it cool that he learned that?

Carlos also understands a little Spanish and sign language for "shut the door".

He inspires me.    Makes me wonder what he can't do.

And if he can do anything, maybe I can, too?   And so can you.

What do you want to learn but just haven't gotten around to?

Just a few footnotes:

I spent about two hours trying to figure out how to make these videos work. I emailed my Genius Niece Allison who has helped me with my blog before and she gave me advice. 
It didn't work. 
I googled things. 
It didn't work. 
I decided to go ahead and post this with the videos that DID NOT WORK and add a footnote on irony and humility at the bottom.  
I got another email from Genius Niece Allison clarifying her first suggestion. Lo and behold!  Everything works. 
Allison is a GENIUS. 
It is true that you can learn anything you set your mind to. Teachers are all around us. 

Also, I did not have anything to do with naming this dog. 

And yes, I know the back door could use a paint job. Try having a 60 pound dog opening and closing the door with his paws and claws and see how long the paint lasts at your house.  

And yes, possibly I did promise Allison that I would proclaim her genius-ness to all if she helped me figure this out.

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