30 January 2013

Working on Nos. 50 and 12

No. 50: Build a  Snowman
No. 12: Take a snow skiing lesson (maybe)

This weekend I am headed to our cabin in south central Colorado.

Last time I was there, this guy was in the front yard.

This time I hope the front yard looks more like this:

Or even better, like this:

Because I have this and want to make a snowman, thereby completing No. 50 on my list.

I will be traveling with my two crazy girls. We may try to go Monarch Mountain, the closest ski area.
They may try snowboarding again, and I may get a chance to complete No. 12.

All depends on the weather.  And maybe whether there are any cute boys in town.
Traveling with those girls, I am pretty much at their mercy.

Keep your fingers crossed.

I'll update you next week.

And some gorgeous snow pics from our front yard:

The Twin Sisters
(or Twisted Sisters according to our neighbor)

some of the flora

and fauna

The Twin Sisters on a clear day-
this is the view out my front door there.
Yes, it is VERY hard to come back home to flat Texas.

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