21 January 2013

No. 44: Book Two: My Empire of Dirt

No. 44: Book Two: My Empire of Dirt
(No. 44: Read a book a week for a month)

My Empire of Dirt is subtitled "How one man turned his big city backyard into a farm".   "Locavorism gone mad" would have worked just as well.

The author, Manny Howard, was assigned to do a story on growing his own food by New York magazine. Already a bit of a foodie he dove right in with zero experience growing plants, raising animals, or apparently organizing any large project.  In his suburban backyard over the course of 7 months things grow, things die, things break, things eat each other.   I laughed probably more than I should have.

On one level this book reminds me of the fabulous Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.  Except Barbara Kingsolver had a plan.  Manny, not so much.  Barbara managed to grow enough food for her family to eat off their land for an entire year. Manny made it (almost) a month. Feeding just himself. His family has almost disowned him by harvest time.  

No. 39 on my list is Grow a vegetable. One vegetable. Let's hope I have better luck than this guy.


I'm through with Book Two.

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