31 January 2013

Follow Up Friday:Carlos

Follow Up Friday: Carlos

I'm afraid I may have given the impression last week that Carlos is an extremely intelligent dog.
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Carlos is a very smart puppy. Emphasis on puppy.  He's not quite 11 months old.

And we aren't exactly sure what breeds he is comprised of, but definitely one of them is a chewing breed.
( I promise another Follow Up Friday on Carlos to clear up his heritage. Stay tuned.)

 These are some of the things that Carlos has eaten:

a football 

 a basketball

 the handle to his Jolly Ball

multiple tennis balls

 the mates to these flip flops plus a bunch of other
flip flops that have already been sent on to the trash.
there is a flip flop shortage at our house due to Carlos 
which is truly a crisis. 
a major crisis.

the mate to this shoe

a whole pair of these Sperrys
(this is the replacement pair)

the fringe on the only decent rug we own.
o no, he couldn't have eaten the Target rug that I purchased 
specifically because I did not care what happened to it

the bottom rung of the gameroom coffee table

some painter's tape that I then spent 30 minutes 
looking for

these thong panties 
(no, they are not mine) 
then he threw them up - unscathed

the noisemaker out of this squeaky toy
(thank goodness. it was SO annoying)

the handles to these throw toys

the insides of these dog toys

and many many many containers of rawhides and puppy biscuits.

Also, multiple soccer balls, a sock which has not surfaced since, and
lots of cat poop and even my daughter's fake poop that Santa brought her. 
I actually almost took the cat to the vet because I thought he had not "gone" in days.
Then I realized that sweet Carlos had been cleaning the kitty box for me. Ewww.

Apparently we can teach him lots of things but we can't teach him to stop chewing.

I can't wait until he's a grown up dog.

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