01 March 2017

No. 7: Learn Calligraphy and No. 77: Continuing Education

No. 7: Learn Calligraphy and No. 77: Continuing Education- take a class.

Isn't that convenient when I get a two-fer? Twice now!

If you remember I TRIED Calligraphy while I was in Colorado. Bought some books, ordered a nib, tried to teach myself.

Major fail.

Ooo. Looking at this I see YUUUGE problems. 
Going about it all wrong. 

I quickly realized it was a sure-fire way to learn some bad habits.  The pens and ink went into a basket where they stay until this day.

And then I asked a friend who does beautiful calligraphy "Who taught you?".     She was quick to answer with a name and place.

Pat Leith on W. Alabama in Houston. Close enough for me to take some lessons.  And bless her heart: lessons are private and work at your own pace. It can take ten hours or 20 to learn, she doesn't care. When you have it down, you are done.

I have had one lesson.  I learned the "straight" letters. Next up: the "kinky" ones. She certainly makes learning to letter interesting!

See how much more consistent these are? 
That's what happens when someone is monitoring what you are doing. 

The most important thing from my first lesson? You are drawing the letter, not writing it.  You learn to make shapes which join together to make letters, you don't learn how to write a specific letter. I did pretty well as long as I thought about it as a shape. Once I got to thinking "this is a "U" instead of "two halves of a paperclip", my lettering fell apart.

I've still got a long way to go but this time, I am headed in the right direction.

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