18 February 2015


Prerogative- my right to change my mind

"It's a women's prerogative to change her mind."

A little over two years ago when I came up with my  60x60 list, I gave myself the leeway to change my mind on some of the challenges.

As I'm entering the last year of my challenges, some of them just don't appeal like they did when I first came up with them. 

So I am changing one of them. Maybe more, but just one for right now.

So Number 5 and Number 7 are combining to become Number 5.  Sort of. It's an  either/or/and option.  And Number 7 is becoming "Learn calligraphy".

It's an art form in ink. 

magical handwriting!

While my handwriting can be pretty good, it's not consistent, and I want it to be amazing. 

At least amazing on command. 

Actually I would love to have my handwriting analyzed. 
My handwriting changes all the time. Sometimes it's upright, sometimes slanted, sometimes huge and loopy, sometimes narrow. I'm not sure which sample of handwriting would be the "correct" one to have analyzed.  

So maybe if I learn calligraphy, I will stabilize my handwriting and therefore my personality. 

Or not. That's probably expecting too much.

But Number 7 is now Calligraphy.

I have a loooonnnnggg ways to go.
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