12 September 2016

Heads Up!

Heads Up!

Sometimes you just need a little project.
One that is physical, that requires some effort. Not just the dainty sit at my sewing machine or ,obviously, considering my frequent absences, type at the computer type of project.  A get down and dirty project.

Since Belle and Bunny have both moved out, their rooms are getting the remove, refresh and renew treatment. 

I started in Belle's room which has a bed, a desk, side table, her "tofu" and a cabinet.  (That cabinet needs to find another home...)  The futon has a cheetah print cover, the desk is black and the bedding was nonexistent. Her walls are my favorite shade of ballet pink.  

So I needed bedding. A trip to Home Goods solved that problem. This Indian print bedspread seemed to tie things together enough to make it passable. I could even use her old hot pink sheets.

Boring with a capital B

But ugh....boring, boring with no headboard.  She's never had one although at one point she had a gorgeous painted fence and garden "headboard".  Killed me when she insisted I paint over it.

Probably my most favorite painting project ever done in this house.
And it got painted over.

But, but..... there was a headboard. Procured at a garage sale many years ago and stored across the street in the parent's garage.

Sadly I did not get a pic before the spindles were removed. 
See those ugly calla lilies? 

Except. It had rust. And the brass was terribly tarnished. And the paint was oxidized it was so old. 

Originally I hoped to just sand a bit and spray paint over but once I dragged it out of the garage I knew that wasn't going to work. Stripping was going to be required. And not the Victoria's Secret/ brass pole kind of stripping....  The chemical kind. Ugh. 

The hubs and I took a trip to Home Depot where he grabbed a can of Citristrip, the safe and easy stripper. Ha! That man has never stripped anything in his life. I have. I was not going to mess around.  We walked out the door with the professional level, heavy duty, kill the environment, chemical cornucopia stripper. 

Give me the PREMIUM stripper. 
I want results and I want them now!

So satisfying. After painting the stripper on, I listened to the music of the chemicals eating away at old paint. It sounded like Rice Krispies. Snap, crackle, pop, peel. The paint quickly bubbled up in the most delightful way.

Doesn't that just put a smile on your face? 

A scraper made quick work of most of the old paint. A quick sanding with the detail sander (I have the ancient version of this one and love it.) was required for the little dibs and dabs of paint that I didn't get with the stripper. 

The spindles that were brass were a challenge. I spent most of one day trying to get the tarnish off before I realized it had been treated with a clear lacquer.  A little more stripper and then some brass polish made them shine. A quick spray with clear lacquer once they were shining will ensure they stay that way. (I hope.)

Polished within an inch of their lives. 
My hands were happy to have this part finished. 

A nice coat of primer will hopefully keep the paint on the headboard and not on the wall.

Primer gray.
Looking pretty good...

Black satin spray paint-two coats- made such a difference. I wasn't too fond of the little flowers and especially the larger calla lilies that adorned the frame. The black paint made them disappear into just "ornament".  
The spindles were reinstalled and Voila!  I LOVE IT.

Happy results. 

Such a difference in the room. Such a difference in the headboard. 

Worth those hot sweaty days out in the garage stripping, sanding and spraying.


And like mother, like daughter.....

Bunny called me in a frantic panic last week. Her hair is turning green. This was particularly upsetting since she had paid for her own highlights right before she left for school.

I guess it does have a green tint to it. 

When Bunny was little and spent most of the summer in the pool, her hair would end up a bright lime green. Belle's might get a hint of green, but Bunny's would be GREEN.

She called her colorist who suggested a clarifying shampoo. That didn't work.

She called maintenance at the school. Nothing they could do. It's the copper pipes and the chlorine in the water and O well!

But she is my baby girl.

It took two trips to Home Depot, a late night session with the RA, a couple of wrenches and Face Timing with her mom (at 12:30am) but look!!
As she says : Shower By Bunny

She unscrewed the floor's community shower head, switched it out with one that has a filter and hopefully no more green hair.

The old shower head....
she just switches them out when she showers. 

Isn't she a smarty? 

All that plumbing at the cabin has paid off. I told her if this college gig doesn't work out, the two of us can open up our own plumbing company.   Click here, here and here to read about some of our other plumbing adventures.  We've had a few!

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