15 June 2013

And the list goes on.

And the list goes on....

And on and on...

You know how one thing leads to another and then another???

The broken water pump got fixed but then I noticed that the potty was running.
I checked the flapper. It was good.
I pushed and pulled on other parts inside that toilet tank. Still running.

A running toilet is a problem.  I've been told that "water is gold" in Colorado. I've also been told that wells are running dry around our area. I don't need a running potty draining my well. 

I must say my friend, Diane, is a GREAT sport. 

We went to True Value in town and talked to the plumbing expert.  Apparently when sand gets in the fill valve,it runs. You would not believe the amount of sand that came through all the pipes after having the pump replaced. Guess the sand stopped up our fill valve, too.

So we bought a part and with the girls out of the house, Diane and I set to work. I was slightly nervous at taking apart our only toilet after plumber's business hours. 

How many friends would help you disassemble a toilet? 

     (Love the "no eyes" look I'm sporting along with my grand bib necklace. Always wear your jewels while doing the plumbing.)


                             Read the instructions. Makes life so much easier. 

Amazingly, we did it. It works perfectly, not running anymore and we did not flood the house. 

I'm beginning to feel like Super Woman. Or at least Super Plumber. 
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