18 April 2016

Goals and Holes....

Goals to Make, Holes to Fill...

A follow up on the rug post from last week.

This kitty who is NEVER on the floor (she's afraid of Carlos)
has fallen in love with the new rug. 
Right here next to the chest is her new favorite spot. 

I commented at the end of the post that there had to be a lesson re: waiting for what you want and clearing out the old and leaving space for the new to fill in. 

In the 80s-boom time in the Houston area- I shared office space with a company called "Success". Ironically they closed a few years later but their mission was to help other businesses succeed. One of  the things they recommended was "Goals Class", a class to -duh- help you set goals. 

I am the WORST goal maker. I have a tendency to go with the flow, letting life carry me along. For the most part that has worked. Occasionally it bites me in the butt. That is somewhat the reason for my blog. Get me to make plans.   

I mean, I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. 

So a goals class was exactly what I needed. And while it seemed a little "Hoo Hoo" at the time, you know what? It worked. 


The main object of the class -pre computers at the time- was to create a Goals Notebook that covered all areas of your life. There was a chapter for your life goals, work goals, financial goals, housing goals. I guess you could do it all on Pinterest now.

The original Goals Notebook.
I could still live in a Moorish style house. 

In each chapter you were to focus exactly on what you wanted. Write it down, cut out a picture. Be specific. 

"I want to be rich" didn't fly. Fill out a deposit slip with exactly how much money you want in the bank. 

"Hoping for a nice reliable mate". Nope. What EXACTLY do you want/need in a spouse/partner? Write it down. Cut out a picture. 

Your ideal house? Find a picture. 

Your 2.3 children? Cut out family pics. 

The imaginary children I was going to have.

By being specific you know what you want and therefore can find it. Sounds so simplistic that it can't actually work. 

But let me tell you, I found my little goals notebook last year. Been stuck in a cabinet for 30+ years. Flipping through it was almost scary. 

The house I picked as ideal? Almost identical to the one I live in. 

There was a fur coat I wanted that I have. I can assure you when I cut out that picture a fur coat was as far from my realm of possibilities as a trip to outer space. I might as well have cut out a pic of the Hope Diamond.  

The 3 blonde imaginary children that I had a pic of? Well, they were all home together last week.

The amazing children I do have. 
(This was a while ago. Almost impossible to get a pic of the three of them together now.) 

I'm convinced this works. 

Hence the rug. I wanted it. I imagined it. It appeared. 

I've started a new goals notebook. Going old school, not on the computer.

A simplified version of the original notebook. 

And I'm dreaming big. Why not? It's all possible. 

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