05 April 2016

Holes are meant to be filled...


Holes are meant to be filled.

Blank spaces beg for stuff.

And I wanted a new rug.   Desperately.

The old rug.
 Lovely strong graphic pattern that coordinated with the dog. 
You have NO IDEA how difficult it was to clean.
Every single little hexagon had to be individually vacuumed. 

The budget does not allow for a new rug.

So I did the best I could. I got rid of the rug that I had grown to hate and left instead a big void in the living room.  Actually I moved a too small rug in to hold the furniture down but it looked silly. It needed a big rug.   There was a BIG empty space where the big rug should have been.

I bought a rug. An inexpensive one that "might" have worked.  A filler rug, as it were.
But it didn't work and it went back the same day.

So I lived with noisy tile floors and a tiny rug to anchor the furniture and waited.

Last week I was on my weekly Goodwill drop off run when what to my wondering eyes should appear but... a rug.

(I've been cleaning crap out of this house since I returned in December. Probably have taken five or six full car loads of stuff to Goodwill. I was going to have a garage sale but decided that just getting it out was more important.)

Anyway. As I pulled up to the drop off spot I looked over to the side and saw a huge rug rolled up. A Karastan label was on top. I unfurled it just a tiny and Wow! My colors. My design. If I had been shopping for a rug, this was one I would have chosen.

I grabbed an employee, hauled him out to the drive and said "How much?"

"Um, that rug hasn't been processed. Let me check. Meet me inside."

Once inside he gives me the bad news. The rug smells and is covered in dog fur. They will throw it away. Cannot sell it.

Wait!! I have a dog. I have a vacuum. Let's look at this baby.

Unrolled I see no stains, no holes but whew! Yes! it smells like wet dog.

I ask the price and he hesitates.
"24 what?"
"24 99?"
Another employee looks over and says "Certainly not 24hundred. How about 16?"
I'm still confused, unable to believe that I will walk out with an 8.5 x 11.5 Karastan rug for under $50.00. A quick Google confirms retail is close to $2400.00.

We finally agree on $24.99 and out I go with a beautiful, albeit stinky, rug.

I vacuum. I spray. I use spray rug cleaner.

Over the weekend we brought in the big guns-a rented steam cleaner from Home Depot.
Odor Killer was run through with the steam.

As long as we had the steam cleaner we 
figured we might as well clean all the rugs.
Love a carpeted driveway!

Guess what I have now? A giant beautiful rug in my living room. No smell.

Ok, maybe that Kilim covered chest is a bit much on the 
patterned rug but we'll deal. 

Nature abhors a vacuum.

(Dirty rugs on the other hand, love them.)

I'm pretty sure there is a lesson here on waiting for what you want, clearing space to make room for the new, etc. I'll go into that more next time. 

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