12 November 2015

Necessity is the Mother of Perfection


Necessity is the mother of invention and possibly also the mama of perfection. At least when it comes to this little clutch.

I started with a bag that I love but it is too small.

My prototype

I envisioned a few changes. Make it large enough to hold sunglasses AND a cell phone at the same time. Pockets on the inside. Maybe a little outside pocket rather than a zipped spot. A detachable strap.

Fun little buggy lining.
And a mess.

Well,  almost perfect. 

I didn't get the strap. 

Usually I am pretty good at visualizing in 3D and then translating that into a pattern. But I just didn't think through the strap addition. So when it came down to attaching the strap-it didn't work. 
Rather than screw up the whole thing I opted to just do without it. 

The pattern laid out on the leather skin

And it doesn't matter at all.

When it was done, it looked a little ....meh.   Couldn't figure out what was missing.

Done but ... boring...

Then I got the idea of tassels and VoilĂ !

Tassels in progress

I LOVE this thing!

True love

Perfect size. Perfect amount of pockets. One little zipped pocket on the inside to keep my car key safe. 

I am so happy. A wonderful little leather project completed.

The substitute for No. 27, done!
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