02 September 2015


Overachieving on No. 39: Grow a Vegetable.

Overachieving might be an exaggeration but the crops are ready for harvest.
I counted potatoes as the qualifying vegetable for No. 39. But there are still some veggie plants doing their thing.

And by crops I mean three tomatoes, a couple of jalapeƱos and some habanero peppers.

 The plants are pitiful but look at that little tomato.

 A tomato in the hand is one less tomato for the birds.

There's still a couple more waiting to ripen.

Vine ripened tomatoes, at least for as long as I could stand it. Little mice run through the garden. Birds fly around the cages. Squirrels frolic. So many perils await my little red babies.  They are finishing off on the kitchen windowsill.

No pictures of the peppers since green on green really doesn't photograph. No idea what will become of them once they are ready since three (or 5 or 8) tiny peppers probably aren't enough for pepper jelly.

But in the surprise category we have a volunteer. Literally.

I noticed some squash looking leaves out in the middle of the yard. A week later, those squash leaves had doubled in quantity.

The plant that ate the cabin...
But surprisingly the deer have totally left the plant alone. 

 Then the bright yellow flowers started poking through the huge leaves.
Yesterday I noticed little ...whats? I don't know. Gourds? Squash? Probably squash is the best guess.
Maybe pumpkin?  I know the kids threw the Halloween pumpkin seeds out in the yard last year.
Whatever they are, they are growing fast.  Wonder if I will get to find out before the first freeze?

What are those little yellow things? 
They look like yellow pumpkins.  Maybe.

Anyway, while I haven't been so great at completing many of my other tasks, the plants are certainly pulling their weight. Thank goodness.

(And for you serious gardeners, I know this is just a hoot that I think I have "crops". But we all have to start somewhere and this Colorado gardening is so different than what I grew up with in Texas. I'm learning and experimenting which I believe is the whole idea behind my 60x60 list. Doing my best.   So there.....)
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