21 July 2015

Back again


Back from two weeks in Texas.

It was a whirlwind trip. I managed to complete two challenges on my list which was a huge plus. Nice to get moving on that again. 

Let's break the stay down by numbers. 

ONE Main sewer line back up, inconveniently the night before we drove back. (Although, when is a sewer line backing up into the house EVER convenient?). Our departure was delayed a few hours while I hunted down the  city contractors who had been cleaning sewer lines on our street the day before. Somehow I figured the two things were related and fortunately, they agreed. Line was cleared at no cost to us and we were on the road by 9am.

The shower drain- happy again.
Never think about those babies until they back up.

TWO Emergency room visits with my dad. Unfortunately being 92 and in pain is not considered an emergency. I promise, this getting older is not for sissies. 

THREE scheduled meals with good friends. I miss so many of my Texas friends and any time I get to see one, that's a good day. Thanks Martha, Libby, Dee, Diane and Lucy for making/taking time to meet me. I also managed to run into a few people randomly which is always fun.

And no, I did not get any pics. 
Boo hoo.

FOUR vet visits for the assorted animals. One of the cats bit Bunny while aiming for the vet. Carlos had to be drugged and muzzled just to get shots. And the poor horse, well. That's another post. A very sad post.

 Me and Carlos headed to the vet.
One of us is heavily sedated.

This is the nice cat, Minah. 
She did not bite anyone. 
The bad cat doesn't get his picture on the internet. 

FIVE medical tests including Yay! No.43: Get that Colonoscopy. I am happy to report that my bones are strong, I am basically healthy and I have the colon of a 30 year old. 

The nice doctor gave me pictures of my insides. 
I won't share them with you.

SIX bags off to Goodwill. My side of the closet is pretty much empty. All those "maybe" clothes are gone. If I don't wear it now, then I probably won't next year. The exceptions are denim. Old worn out jeans go but the vests and denim jackets and shirts stay. The hubs did come in and say "Are you moving out?" Um, hon, don't know if you noticed but I did that 2 years ago. Gone also are kids clothes, some books, stuff, stuff and more stuff. The old towels went to the vets office. The overflow of pet bowls and dog Elizabethan collars went to the Humane Society.  I feel 100 pounds lighter.

A car load of stuff we no longer need. 
I love cleaning out closets.

There was a lot more packed into that two weeks. Bunny and her friend boy found him an apartment for his year long stay/school in Texas. His mama  bravely stayed at our house those first few nights even though I could not vouch for the condition of the room she was to stay in or the condition of the house in general. Kudos to the hubs for pulling things together and getting the place presentable. 

There were lots of visits with the parents and a brief chat with my brother out in the front yard one morning. He was in town for 24 hours and staying at the peep's house so I got to see him before work. 

Also there was heat. And humidity. And snakes. Texas did not necessarily put her best foot forward for me this trip. Lots of highs and lows. Not much sleep.

One of the three snakes I pulled out of the pool one morning 
before I gave up and decided to not swim.
They were all small, but still. 
It's a pool. Not a pond. I don't swim in their creek. 
They shouldn't swim in my pool.

Happy to be back in the cool. Happy to be back at work with my crazies. Happy to be back. 

Yep. 101ยบ
So much fun.
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