07 April 2015


Things I Am Thankful For 
and That Make Me Happy...

First off, Tuesday and Thursday postings seem to have shifted.  Now they are coming up on Wednesdays and Fridays more and more so you know what? We are just going to roll with that. Expect me on Wednesdays and Fridays now.  Flexibility is important, at any age.

Many things recently that I have been thankful for, grateful for or have just made me happy.
In no particular order:

Disney World:
Over Spring Break Bunny stayed with Belle and they drove to Disney World for a few days.

Love the Runaway Train.

Their second morning they were in a restaurant before heading to the parks. As they seated themselves, they realized someone had left a bag at the table. They told an employee, sat with the bag and waited to see if someone would return for it. Eventually the owner came for the bag.

The Disney restaurant employee then came to their table and asked if they had Fast Passes. They assured him they did and he said "Well, then you can use these." and handed them V.I.P. Fast Passes which allowed them into any ride without waiting, with no time restrictions and no rides excluded.   They were nice girls, did the right thing and were rewarded. So many times good deeds go unnoticed. It made their day and also made their day more fun. (Does that make sense? It made them happy and made them have even more fun than they would have in the first place. If that's possible at the Happiest Place on Earth!)

And a special bit of thankfulness goes to my brother who fronted us the airline points to get Miss Bunny off to Florida and me to visit with the parents.

The girls had so much fun over Spring Break that Belle was worn out and finally got sick. Very sick.
Two Urgent Care visits, one regular doctor and one specialist sick. Ten days sick.  Belle is probably my hardiest child. She never runs a fever. She seldom gets sick at all.  And she was 2000 miles away.

So I am grateful for the friends who emailed me every morning while I was totally fretting about my baby. "How's she doing this morning?" "Is there anything I can  do?" "What did the doctor say?"

I am grateful for the friend who called and said "I checked flights for you in case you need to go there."  

I am very grateful for the friend (the former airline employee who can fly discounted standby) who sent me these messages:

Seriously. She was volunteering to fly to Florida (from Texas) to check on my Belle or fly to Colorado and stay with Bunny so I could go to Florida. Right before Easter.  Amazing.

Bunny works as a waitress. She's the only waitress at her restaurant which usually isn't a problem, but sometimes it is. The place is big and can get busy, although usually it doesn't on the weeknights that she is there.

Last Thursday, it got busy. She seated six large tables and then one lonely couple came in.  Bunny knew that the big tables wouldn't notice if the couple's food came out first, but the couple might really get tired of waiting for six other tables to be served before they got their food.  So she moved the couple's ticket up front to be served first.

She was busy but said she managed. Finally she got a break and sat down to sort her tickets.
She noticed the couple talking to her boss and went over, concerned there was a problem. Instead she was handed this:

A $100 tip on a $19.40 tab. And the nicest note ever. She said she cried. The couple cried. The money was great but truly I think she was overwhelmed by the note.  So a very big thank you to kind strangers.

I've hated to say it before now, but I think Spring is really here. Things are greening up although not quite blooming yet. But the tulips and daffodils are sending up shoots.

Bunny went to school in shorts today.
When I go out this afternoon, I will be wearing flip flops. Because I can!

Carlos is grateful, too. He's been spending a lot of time on the decks, basking in the sun. I've been out there with him quite a bit, myself. It's lovely.

Watching for squirrels in the sun.

And with Spring comes flowers, although as I said, not in my yard yet.
But these are on my table:

The entire house smells divine because of these beauties.

Delivered by this nice young man:

Bunny's friend brought flowers for me and a bunny for Bunny when he showed up, spiffily dressed I might add, on Easter morning for breakfast.
Let me throw in that I am also very grateful for well raised young men, period.

Work is dignity and freedom and (a tiny bit of) money. It's also mind blowingly entertaining!
I love my regulars. They light up my life. Honest.
I love the weirdos who were out in full force yesterday. "Yea, I'm 53. Just sold my old Chevy truck for this Ford Fusion. Want to see the engine?"  Seriously? Do I LOOK like I want to see the engine of your car? Then he told me about all of the isolated places he used to live, off the grid, in the back country. (Probably the same places that the bodies of the unsuspecting souls who DID look at his engine are buried.)
I love reporting to my daughters, who both work for tips, exactly how much I make each day. Fortunately I am paid a decent wage and am NOT working for tips.
Yesterday I got $1.56 in tips.
It gives them a good laugh.

So there you have it.
What has been making your day recently?

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