09 April 2015

And one big bad thing

And one big bad thing that pisses me off...

Wednesday I talked about some things that make me happy.

Today I am going to talk about one big bad thing that really makes me unhappy.

I tried to e-file the taxes.

And look what I got back!

Your Federal Return Has Been Rejected
This happens from time to time.
Don't worry, we can help.
Here's the problem with your return:

R0000-902-01 - Taxpayer TIN in the Return Header must not be the same as a TIN of a previously accepted electronic return for the return type and tax period indicated in the tax return.

What do I do now? 
Open this return. You'll see details on what caused the problem, and we'll walk you through fixing the return and e-filing again. You won't be charged to e-file a second time.

And you want to know why it was rejected? Because someone else, using the Hubs Social Security number, has already filed taxes in our names and received a refund. No idea what kind of refund they got, what W-2s were used or anything. But since in theory the Hubs has already filed a return, our current (and real) return cannot be filed.

I spent a nice hour on the phone this morning with the IRS (35 minutes just waiting on hold) and got a very kind woman who gave me all kinds of instructions.

Then I called the Hubs and explained the situation and what he had to do.  Because it was his SSN compromised, he has to do the calling and alerting.

Then he remembered that he had just received a letter from Anthem, Inc explaining "O yea, back in December apparently our computers were hacked and you're screwed."    Don't even know who Anthem, Inc. is beyond they have something to do with health care or insurance.

For some reason Anthem, Inc is just getting around to notifying people.  O! And they have kindly offered to "protect" us with AllClear SECURE for two years at no charge.  

Ummm.  A little late for that, no?

And for us?

Six months before we get that nice refund check we were expecting in three weeks. And six months is if we are lucky.   Pretty sure the IRS will not be paying interest to us during that six months either.
(But OH! if the tables were turned and we owed the IRS money, you can bet interest would be expected. Probably some penalties for being tardy, too. Grrrr.)

No one will be reimbursing the Hubs for his ENTIRE day that was shot calling the credit bureaus, going into the banks, calling Social Security and calling the FTC.

We were also told to file a police report which the Hubs tried to do.   The police station informed him that he could not file a report unless he had the name and address of the person who stole his information.    Everyone laugh out loud now.    Silly us. We thought that was what the police department was for, to find the criminals.

the local police???

I will spend this evening changing all the passwords on all the online accounts.


And if this happens to you, here is the IRS's website link which will tell you exactly how to handle things. 
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