16 March 2015

Spring Break

Spring Breakin'

I've been MIA for  a good reason. (Did ya miss me?)

Spring Break is happening in different parts of our universe and we have had visitors.

First off some friends of the kids came to visit even knowing that my kids would not be around.  That made me feel pretty special for sure.   These are kids that practically lived at our house throughout elementary, middle and high school.  Now they are out of school but were visiting Colorado with the rest of their family.  They took an afternoon out of family time to come to the cabin.   And, as it turned out, they spent the night after making a wrong turn and taking twice as long to get here as they thought it would.

This is how long I've known these kids:

Bunny, Belle and Friend

The Big Guy and Friend

That was then and this is now:


You know what really struck me about having these kids come visit? How grown up they are!
They are adult-ish. I mean, they drove to see me. They were polite, lovely houseguests and when we got home from dinner we all had cocktails together. Because they are old enough to do that. And we talked about their plans for their futures and they were super interesting
How lucky am I? 

And after they left, Belle arrived.  Fortunately one of her friends picked her up in Denver and brought her to me. That round trip drive to Denver in one day can be grueling. I know because I did it on Sunday, returning Belle to the airport.

Anyway, I loved having my girls together even if it was only for a few days.

 Me with Belle. 
She's not a giant, I was just relaxed. 
Or slumped....

Bunny and Belle

On Saturday night the girls had their friend boys over for dinner and it hit me again.
Adults. Almost. Even with an age range of 17 to 21, these kids seemed so grown.

The guys, who have known each other practically from birth, were sharing stories and laughing and eating (and it was a pretty awful main course, I hate to say) and then they helped clear the table and were just FUN. 

So this is the pay-off for all those terrible two tantrums and late nights and constant supervision? Fun kids that grow up to be fun adults and are semi-responsible, etc? 


Next week is Spring Break for Bunny and she will be heading to Florida to stay with Belle. They will go to Disney BY THEMSELVES! No adult supervision required! 

I will go to Texas to check on the parents who are "vacationing" at assisted living for a month or so.

So posting will be infrequent (i.e. non existent) for the upcoming week. 
Bear with me. 

I'll be back on track eventually. I have to be. I'm running out of time to finish my list!
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