25 March 2015

Birds of a Different Feather

Birds of a Different Feather Entirely...

Just happened to walk outside and look!

Last week I posted about all the birdies on the back deck that are eating the seed put out to entertain Carlos.

I also posted last year about all the birds that pass through at the beginning of Spring. They flock around the bird feeder for a couple of weeks and then pass on. (I think it is significant that these birds all came through last May. Spring seems to be starting MUCH earlier this year. I'm ok with that.)

But these guys live around here year round. Lots of people feed them but they are definitely wild birds.

I only wish their camouflage wasn't so wonderful. It makes it hard to take a picture of them in dappled light.

Wild Turkeys
 Altogether there were about 13 or 14 outside.

I don't usually see them this time of year. 
Most of the time I see them in November.
(How appropriate!)

They are sort of prehistoric looking, aren't they? 

Happy Spring.
Don't be a turkey.

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