18 March 2015

CBS: Carlos Broadcasting System

Doggy TV:CBS
The Carlos Broadcasting System

One of Carlos's favorite spots to hang out during the day is at the end of my bed, staring out the window.

(This is breaking one of my cardinal rules that I have always had about no dogs on the furniture
But rules are made to be broken and as my neighbor says "They aren't really rules, just suggestions." I'm trying to take that to heart more.)

Just waiting for some entertainment.

Occasionally a squirrel will dash past and he will leap at the window and bark.

Even more exciting are the deer. Then he will leap at the window, make a mess of it, bark AND whine to go out.   Although one time he chased the deer and instead of running, they turned on him and chased back.  I almost had one dog hightailing it into the front door with three bucks hot on his tail. Fortunately those bucks saw me and turned off at the last minute.

Anyway, it dawned on me that watching the window just waiting for something to happen might be pretty boring for Mr. Carlos. I have had such success with the bird feeder in the front yard that there are birds everywhere.  Maybe put some bird feed on the back deck? A spot where the birds would be up close and personal?

Good idea, mom.

Well, that idea was very well received by all concerned.

 Birds everywhere. 
I love the one on the right that is coming in for a landing.

I'm pretty sure both of these guys (gals?)are finches.

 There's a lot of singing going on outside the back door...

Occasionally they are joined by these plump little juncos.


 Love his little crest...
 LOVE that you can see the sunflower seed in his mouth.

 The little yellow one has a crest, also.

 These Steller's Jays are soooo flighty. 

 Most of my pics of the jays turned out like this...

One happy dog. 
So much more to look at.

If you'd like to see the winged visitors we had last spring, click here. 
Spring has a lot of birds flying through that we don't see the rest of the summer. 

I'm hoping all of these little visitors are harbingers of spring. It sure has seemed like it recently.

Cross your fingers. 
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