17 November 2014

Deja Vu All Over Again

O! NO! It's Deja Vu All Over Again...

Last Fall was just a comedy of errors when it came to the cars. 

We started with a lightning bolt, went on to electrical issues, check engine lights, dead batteries, and low tires.
The beginning of the car fun...

I drove a rental for more weeks last Fall than I drove the cars that we own.

So of course, I was feeling really positive about this Fall and then Bunny had her altercation with the neighbor which left the baby Hummer in the shop for two weeks.

Possibly this car is jinxed.

But the Hummer is fixed and I was really hoping that would be IT.

A week after getting the Hummer back, the low air pressure light came on. It came and went and finally I took it to the wonderful Chaffee Tire Company and they added air and said "keep an eye on it." I think we both  figured it was just not filled correctly when it was replaced during the repairs. 

Then Bunny calls me on a Friday night on her way to work saying her low air pressure light is on in her car.   She dashes off to Chaffee Tire where they manage to diagnose a nail, repair the tire and have her ready to go in less than 30 minutes. That would be 30 minutes before their closing. Wow. 

Next week, the low air light is back on in the Hummer. Really? So last Friday I take the Hummer back to Chaffee Tire, my new best friends. They pop the tire off and discover the valve stem was installed poorly when the tire was replaced from the accident. Fixed for free and on my way. 

Except Bunny's car needs tires. We knew that was coming. Since the snow and ice are also coming, we figured we better get those tires sooner rather than later. 

So we scheduled a trip to the Springs to get new tires on Friday.  (Friday seems to be the magical day for tires!)
Because that was going to be a four hour round trip drive, I called the Colorado Springs Discount Tire store to make sure they actually had the tires and I could get them installed. I very clearly explained to the salesman that I was making a long drive, I could not get there early because I wanted the sun to dry up the snow and ice and there was a tiny possibility I wouldn't make it at all if the roads were bad- but I would call if that was the case. 
I was really clear about the fact that this was a long trip just to get tires and that I had limited time. 
Please. Just four of these and I'll be on my way.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the tire store and the line to check in was OUT THE DOOR. When I got to the counter, I was cheerily told that yes, indeed, my tires were in stock and they could get to them in about SIX hours. So my car would be ready about 9:00pm, maybe 9:30pm.  And then all I would have to do is drive an icy mountain road home in the dark. 

O wait? That doesn't work for you? Just come back tomorrow and we'll get you an appointment.

Well, why the Hell didn't someone suggest an appointment in the first place??

Long story long, I complained, wrote an email and got a nice phone call.  Tires will be replaced on Wednesday. Yes, I still have to make the 4 hour round trip but they are compensating me for gas. And I have been assured that they will have me "in and out" in no time. 

And let's cross our fingers this is IT. 

No more car problems.
No more tire problems. 

How about just no more problems, period?

Now there's something I could be thankful for.

In the meantime, I've been working on No. 24, Organize all those Photos.  Not very successfully. 
It's tedious. Two years of pics down, only 8 more to go.  And that's just the digital stuff.  On the bright side, the colder and snowier the weather gets, the more likely I will actually finish this project.
I was hoping I would have it done by Thanksgiving.   Now I'm feeling more realistic.  Let's shoot for Valentine's Day, shall we? 

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