22 October 2014

No. 24: Organize all those Photos

No. 24: Organize all those Photos.

I have tried to start on this before.

I blog on my MAC which comes loaded with iPhoto and while I'm sure it is a lovely program, I hate it.
Every other thing about every other Apple product I find incredibly intuitive.
iPhoto is just confusing.

So I want to find a program to download my photos.

Any suggestions?

Once downloaded I'm going to folders.

Maybe this is a step back.  I used to use folders on my PC.

But guess what? They worked.

So, starting Monday I am dedicating a minimum of 30 minutes a day to organizing those photos.
I'm hoping to be done by Thanksgiving.

If anyone has any suggestions, please share.

I can make one whole folder with just pics of the Twin Sisters!

These three pics were taken within a 24 hour period!

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