20 October 2014

Doing It Like I Mean It...

Doing it like I mean it...or at least trying to.

Back at the beginning of summer I did a recap of our time in Colorado before we headed back to  Texas for a bit of the summer. There was one thing I wish I had done but didn't. One little regret.
So now that I am here for another year, maybe longer,  let's see how I am doing on rectifying that regret.
The one thing I regretted? 
Not getting a job. 
Not doing it like I meant it.

Originally our plan was to come here for the 2013 Fall semester of school. Obviously, we stayed longer. Then the plan was to go to Texas and Florida for the Summer, get everyone settled and be back in Texas for the Fall semester of school for Bunny. 
That didn't pan out either. 
We were back in Colorado before the bags got unpacked from the Spring.

The Twin Sisters.
Just couldn't stay away.

So I have been looking for a job. 
I've filled out online applications. 
One application, I felt like they should have given me the job just for slogging through all the questions. 
I have dropped off applications.
I have interviewed. 
So frustrating. 
Nada. Nothing. Zip.

Apparently being a stay at home mom has made me capable of anything, qualified for nothing.

There has been an article floating around the web about the luxury of being a stay at home mom.  Not that it is a luxury for the mom but that it is a luxury for the spouse. And the kids. And also a boon to the other working moms. A person at home holds everything together.
Hell, every mom I know would like to have their own stay at home mom.

As a mom I have gotten three kids to school, baseball games, soccer practice, piano and guitar lessons, driver's ed classes, friend's houses, etc. etc. etc. 
I haven't lost a kid yet. 
I've managed all the finances and handled two houses in two different states- insurance, bills, repairs, maintenance, improvements. 
I'm in charge of keeping FIVE cars running. Buying them, trading them in, maintaining them. (I am a ruthless bargainer when it comes to a car purchase.) See here and here for just some of what I have dealt with.

Jump starting the car. Again and again and again.

I've planned trips both domestic and international. Gotten passports, rental cars, and hotels. Packed bags for five people. Did laundry for five people upon return.

I know more about plumbing than I ever ever ever thought I would.

Fixing the plumbing. Again and again and again.

Been a room mom, worked on the school festivals, volunteered at the front desk of the middle school. 
And guess what?

None of that matters.
I am not qualified for any job opening.


I am still trying to do it like I mean it.

I've volunteered. A morning was spent at the Colorado Farm to Table fields harvesting acorn squash and tiny pumpkins.

About 15 of us picked THOUSANDS of these in one morning.

I signed up for a work day at Shedfest, a celebration of the last day of the farmers market for the season.

A scene from Shedfest 2014.
Photo from the Mountain Mail by J.D. Thomas.

For one day I "bantered with customers and took money" while a lovely young man made fabulous egg sandwiches for the crowds. It was so much fun and I loved being in the crowd of farmer's market people. Made me wish I had gotten involved with the farmer's market last spring.
Maybe this coming spring.

So, we will see.
Still trying to do it like I mean it.

(On a related note, if someone wants to hire me to write for them, let me know.
I could kill No.11: Get Something Published and accomplish the job thing all in one fell swoop!)

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