30 September 2014

Tuesday on a Wednesday

Tuesday on a Wednesday, Thursday on a Tuesday, too!

Well, I really try to post every Tuesday and Thursday, but guess what?!  Just ain't happening this week.

Seems like there are too many moving parts for me to keep up with.

Last week I spent the entire week trying to get ahold of the car dealer to check on the Hummer. (If you missed what happened, click here.) Finally I gave  up and on Friday morning I picked that baby up and took it to a different auto body shop. And a good thing I did. While the dealer gave me a quickie estimate of $950 to get the Hummer repaired, I somehow knew that was a rush quote and NOT accurate. Boy! Was I right!   Final estimate to put it back together is closer to $4000. Bunny spun that baby hard.

The H3 Brand New (to us)
Cursed? or just unlucky? 

Since Bunny and I had been sharing a car all week-and I didn't get a rental until two days ago-we decided to head to Denver for the weekend. She got to see her friend boy and I got to go to Target. I really miss my Target shopping. Wal Mart just does not do it for me like Target does. A million thanks to my friend Diana for lending us her house. Would have been more fun if she had been there too, but civilization was nice, never the less. 

And now I have a rental, and the Hummer should be put back together in about ten days. That poor Hummer has had some trials. (Click herehere and here to read about the Hummer adventures. And why our insurance agency will probably cancel us.)

But while we have been dealing with crazy cars, beautiful Colorado has decided to get with the program and have Fall! 

A trip to Lake City took me past stands of aspen. Somehow I had always heard about how gorgeous the aspen are when they change colors but never had experienced their beauty. 

Wow! They glowed. Sparkled. Appeared lit from within.

I actually pulled the car over three times just to take pictures.

Ok, so it isn't New England with all the lovely colors- but this was amazing in its own way.

A whole mountain of aspen trees. 

And then we also had snow on the mountains!! Love waking up and seeing my Twin Sisters wearing snow caps. And driving into town, the 14ers are also dusted. So gorgeous and amazing.

It was so overcast and rainy that it is a bit hard to see- 
but there is snow up there!


Snow on the ground (and on the roads) can wait. A long while. Please. Maybe December. That would work. 

I'll see you next week. 

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