25 September 2013

When Finally Isn't...

When Finally Isn't Finally....

Well, as I mentioned last week, Friday I was headed into Pueblo to pick up the baby H3.

It had been in the shop since August 10 when it was struck by lightning on our way from Texas to Colorado. And yes, I was driving it at the time.

Re-enactment of the night of August 10, 2013.

We had many "It's almost ready" calls but Friday was the real deal.

Or so I thought.

I picked up the H3 and immediately headed to Target because Target is my life and the closest one is now TWO HOURS away from me.

Target. My Happy Place. 

On the way I caught a whiff of that lovely burning electrical smell- a remnant of the lightning strike.

Gleefully pulling into the parking lot at the tiniest Target I've ever seen (I forgot that they aren't all SuperTargets!) I turned the H3 off.


The key wouldn't come out.
The car wouldn't turn off.

I had a moment of "Is there a button I forgot about? I'm an adult. I know how to turn a car off, don't I?"

Then the realization that it wasn't me, it was the car. That wasn't a leftover electrical burning smell, that was a new burning smell.

Back to the dealership.

A solenoid in the shifter had burned, making the car believe it wasn't in park.

Back to a rental car.

I cannot say enough good stuff about how Spradley Chevrolet in Pueblo handled this turn of events.

My not so happy place on Friday- but it's all good now.

They got me a rental and paid for it.
They filled my H3 up with gas and DROVE IT TO ME  (90+ miles) on Saturday after overnighting parts for the repair.

Exactly six weeks to the day, the H3 was back in my hands, almost as good as new.

There is one little light that we have found that is out on the Air Conditioner. But the Air Conditioner
And the back tire cover that was on the spare when we dropped the car off is gone. But they are looking into that. I'm sure it will be recovered or replaced.

And while I say I have the car in my hands, I don't.

The girlies took it the moment it arrived. I have barely seen it since.

That's okay. I have my own car back.

(Not a paid endorsement for Target or Spradley Chevrolet. Just two companies I am happy with. Although I do confess to being a stockholder in Target. I'm a firm believer in investing in what you know.)

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