07 July 2014

No. 18: Paint a picture

No. 18: Paint a picture.

Well, I would love to say I have whipped this one out in my spare time but that is NOT the case.

But with the few brain cells I have left, I have been thinking about it.

I have also been inspired by a friend from high school.  Funny how you can sit next to someone every morning for six years straight and yet know so little about them.   I had no idea this person was so creative...but she certainly is. Reconnecting on Facebook after 40 years has totally opened my eyes to her amazing abilities.

The Crowd
By Ann Mulvey Woodroof

This is the second painting in this style she has done.
And I love it. I tend to go towards realism when I draw and paint but maybe I need to branch out.

I have a painting over my fireplace that I love that is abstract. Certainly I could do something just as impressive for my dining room? There's an enormous wall in there that could use some art.

Over my fireplace (at Christmas it appears)
I confess that this painting had only gold leafing on it when I purchased it. 
I felt the need to add a little silver. 
Had no idea how much fun silver/gold leafing something could be!!
(Shhh. Don't tell the original artist.)

So that is my plan.  A large abstract. I know I still need to come up with a composition, even if it is abstract. And a color scheme.  And it will have to move me if I am going to love it.

Wish me luck.    
And wish me some spare time.
That is totally in short supply around here.

Also...going to be traveling some the next few weeks.  Hopefully I can keep up with posting but no promises.  Had no idea this summer was going to be so crazeeeeee.
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