27 March 2014

Follow up Friday...

Follow up Friday: Just Checking in.

Just checking in.

Amazingly I got all five girls to Texas without incident.   Score one for the mom.

The surprise was a stretch limo to pick us up at the airport and bring us to the house.
Just keeping it classy.
We'll slum it on the return trip.   Can't be the  Kardashians all the time.

We've had lots of girl drama.  Friend visits. And rain.  The main goal of the trip was to come home tan. (For the girlies, not for me.) We'll see.

Also had a car break down while Bunny was driving. This caused Belle to go on and on about how reliable her car had been until her sister BROKE it. Somehow she has forgotten how much she HATES that car. Even though she picked it out. And it's beautiful. And it has treated her well. Thank goodness she got a loaner.

Thursday was dinner with my parents, my niece, her husband and their babies. Couldn't wait to get my hands on those twins. They are almost one! Can't believe it.  But how did I get through the night without taking a picture on MY phone?

And my New Orleans weekend trip has taken an amazing turn for the better. While I love a road trip, I spend a lot of the time on the road as it is. My sweet friend that was driving me was going to come from Austin, pick me up and then off we would go.   Enter my fabulous and wonderful brother who offered  tickets to New Orleans, saving me a 7 hour drive and her a 10 hour drive. I love him. He's the bomb.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.
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