07 April 2014

Flowers in the House,

Flowers in the House, Visitors Outside

It's another "Flowers in the House" day and I'm linking up again with Jane at Small but Charming.

Love having fresh flowers in the house and kudos to Safeway for offering daffodils at ridiculously low prices this past weekend. Daffs all over the house now. Yay!  Particularly wonderful as we are having visitors this week and nothing says "Welcome" like fresh flowers. (Well,  maybe some wine and cheese. And chocolates? Fresh baked goods?)

Anyway, flowers in the house:

 On the mantel

And on the table.
Aren't they lovely?

And outside, the garden is popping up.  This week should be in the 60s with lots of sun so I expect things to start happening outside now.

 Tulips (I think?!) in a zoo.  (prison)
I really need to learn to label things.

Tulips along with allium (or agapanthus - can't remember) in another zoo.
Again. Label. Label. Label.

Carlos has been enjoying the sun on the back deck.

But the squirrels terrorize and tease him. It is so not fair.

And since I STILL have not figured this out entirely,
click "HERE" to see it if there is no video evident.


Again, click "HERE" if no video.

I finally had to call the poor dog in after about ten minutes because he was not giving up.

The deer stopped by to eat the pine branches that fell from the weight of Saturday's snow.

Who, me?

And the birds stopped by to see what I've put in the bird feeder.
It's interesting because one year I put food in the feeder and three months later, the food was still there. 
Last year, I put bird seed in it again and had only deer eating out of it.
This year, I tried again (Hope springs eternal!) and Voilá! birds.

 These Steller jays are enormous compared to our Texas bluejays.
I thought everything was bigger in Texas?

 Their blue is so iridescent.

 A little sparrow?
Need to get the bird book out.
Nope. A chickadee!

Chickadee butt

 A barn swallow? 

And a male American Robin.

If we have Robins, Spring must not be far behind. Right??

Happy Monday.
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