06 March 2014

Energy crisis

Not much of a post today.

Belle had her wisdom teeth out last  Friday and the oral surgeon was very specific about her getting her meds every four hours-even in the middle of the night. 

The worst part of the day for someone that hates veins.
I'll spare you the video of her AFTER the removal.
Suffice to say she was delighted with the arrival of the wheelchair.
"My chariot awaits!"

Common sense would say that she is 18 and she should be responsible for setting her alarm and getting her meds taken and I should be able to sleep through the night. 

Reality is Belle is a very hard sleeper without drugs. With Vicodin AND Ibuprofen AND leftover anesthesia, well, she's pretty much comatose. 

So for three nights/days I got no more than 3.5 hours of sleep at a time.  Because not only did she need pills she also needed to "eat a little something" with those pills. Cue mom rummaging around the fridge at 2:00am looking for mashed potatoes to warm up or Jell-o to serve.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

And guess what? I'm too old to have a newborn. Which is basically what it amounted to having. 

So I am still trying to recover from last weekend.  Seems I've been moving slow all week.

I think there might also be a bit of the "winter is STILL here?" syndrome mixed in with that.
Definitely think that people must do to some extent what the animals do in the cold...if not hibernate at least go dormant.

Pretty much how I've been feeling.

And then this morning I happened upon a BBC article that suggests we are entering into a mini ice age. 

Not so much "global warming" speculation but a real observation that the sun is entering a less active phase similar to one in the 1680s. Less solar activity means less sun reaching the earth and more ice and snow in the winter.

Not the end of the world, just a phase.

So maybe we should all be online shopping for some of those great sweater sales you find this time of year. Because certainly every sweater I own is looking a little "same ol', same ol'"at this point. 

And cruising the Internet is about all I have the energy for.

And here's your PSA:
Daylight saving time starts at 2:00am Sunday, March 9.
Move your clocks forward one hour.


As much as I hate losing that hour in the day, I do relish the idea of more sunlight in the evening. 

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