11 March 2014

Adios Juan, Pablo. Goodbye, Steve and Franklin.

Adiós to the chicks.

True to her word (and probably a first in this household) Bunny sent the chicks on to a new home this evening.

They have been great fun and I have learned more about chickens than I ever thought I would know, but it was time.

Juan, Pablo, Franklin and Steve were almost to that lovely "chicken dinosaur" stage. They were definitely beyond cute hatchling stage.

Most of their feathers were coming in.  The cute fuzz was gone.

More scruffy than cute.
Typical pre-teens.

Carlos was probably the happiest to see them go. He has pretty much been banned from the upstairs while the chicks were in Bunny's room.

Noisy peep peeps. 
Good riddance.

Bunny has a friend at school whose family raises chickens.   They had just gotten their flock of babies and were happy to add our four to the group.

Franklin in the foreground checking out the new digs
while one of the resident chicks checks out Franklin.

This family also has full grown chickens and a lovely chicken coop.
Bunny's babies will be very happy.

The grown ups in the pen next door to the baby chick house.

And best of all this family was really happy to get four more chicks. 
In exchange they offered us a cat that had followed their boys home. 
We declined. 

Then they offered us some fresh eggs. 

Aren't these pretty?

We accepted.

Somehow I think we got the better end of the deal.

Now.   If I can just convince Belle we don't need ducklings.
Because ducklings are the next live thing on sale at the local feed store.
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