03 February 2014

Getting Set for No. 35: Go to my 40th High School Reunion

On Pins and Needles in Preparation for No. 35: Go to my 40th High School Reunion

Well,  the plans are set for the Robert E. Lee High School 1974 reunion
It will be 40 years since I graduated from High School.

The party is September 6, 2014 which gives me about nine months to get back to looking like this:
(You know, just so everyone recognizes me….)

Me. Back in the 70s.

While I was back in Texas last week, I visited my old place of employment, Mirvana Acupuncture.

And I had a facial acupuncture treatment. 
Warning: These pictures are not for the needle-phobic.

 Me, getting poked.

See? I'm smiling.
Because it DOES NOT hurt.

Facial acupuncture is a wonderful process that makes those delightful little crow's feet less obvious. 
It gives you a glow. 
Results are subtle but obvious.
As in, I arrived at my friend Diana's house on Monday night after waking at 5am, rushing and stressing at the DMV, getting packed and dealing with last minute "O! I forgot we need to pick this up before we leave" demands from the girls, flying two hours (TSA Agents!!), landing in the dark and snow and then driving in that same dark and snow and the first thing she said was "The trip home must have been relaxing. You look so rested."
(The trip home was not relaxing or restful, just to clarify.)

No, dearie, I look rested because I had acupuncture.

And I will be having it again. Not because I want to deny my crow's feet.  I agree with Cameron Diaz on this one:
But I do like looking rested. 

Also, because it is a new year and I'm doing the new year/new look thing, I got a  new haircut.

Still smiling. 

And a little explanation of how facial acupuncture works…
The needles are very fine and slightly feathered.  The practitioner threads the needles just under the skin which causes the body to think "trauma". But really, it's not traumatic at all.  The body then sends blood cells and collagen to repair the area. This plumps the areas where the needles were inserted, making the face look rested and fuller. 

Or you can read the slightly more scientific explanation in this article:
But how can sticking needles into the skin improve our faces?
... when needles are inserted at pressure points, energy and endorphins are released. This minor trauma improves blood flow and stimulates cell re-growth.
'We put needles in at vortex points where energy is travelling to and from organs along lines we call meridians,' she explains. 'When energy flows more efficiently, circulation is improved, helping the body rejuvenate.
'Traumatising the skin by inserting tiny needles will also encourage the production of healing collagen, the protein which the body uses to keep the skin youthful and elastic.'

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