30 January 2014

No. 22: Surprise a friend in another city for lunch.

Last week I was going to do No. 22 : Surprise a friend in another city for lunch.

This sounds like an easy and fun one on the list.
But apparently it's not.

A birthday lunch was planned last Friday for this lovely woman.

Dawn with her big boy, Mack.

Not only is she an amazing person but also a  fabulous mama to four beautiful girls AND the surrogate mama to my horse, Picasso. She also runs the barn where Picasso lives and has taught me and both of my girls how to ride and -even better- how to jump. The only way I can bear to be apart from my baby is by knowing that he is well taken care of and loved on. And Dawn is the woman that does that for me.

"You taking a picture of me, mom?" 

A birthday luncheon was planned for last Friday-a tradition for about six of us at the barn. We gather for each other's birthdays and marvel at how glamorous we all look out of breeches and in make-up. 

The girls and I flew down to Texas on Thursday. I had done my best to keep our itinerary quiet so I  could be a surprise guest at Friday's lunch. Dawn didn't know I was coming.  I was really looking forward to seeing my friends. And having a yummy lunch. 

But Mother Nature intervened. Sort of.

Actually I think it was the news/weather media that intervened. 

When we left Denver on Thursday it was snowing.

I've learned that when there is cold or snow in Colorado, it usually gets cool and wet in Texas a day or two later. 

And that's what happened. The Houston area had a forecast of -what!??? -snow for Friday. 

It never snows in Houston. But real snow was forecast along with ice and sleet. The news weathermen had a heyday. The city told everyone to stay home. Schools were cancelled. Businesses were closed. I had a doctor appointment that was cancelled because the office didn't even open on Friday. 

And even our lunch got cancelled. A couple of people had further drives than the rest of us and some of the bridges were a bit icy. 

But you know what? In our area, there was no snow.  Or sleet. Or really much ice. It stayed in the thirties all day. Boy's car had some ice on it from being out overnight. But I drove all around and the streets were safe and dry and almost completely empty.
The "snow storm" was a non event. 

My Facebook page pretty much documented the day best.  All wonderful photos with captions are from Facebook and I can't give credit where credit is due. Sorry.

So No. 22 is still on the list undone.
I'll have to try again.
Maybe next time the weather will cooperate.

Meanwhile, this morning it was snowing.
My girlies wanted to know where their snow day was.

Yup. I sent them on out the door.

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