28 November 2013

And we have a winner.....

And the Winner is ....

Amanda Nelson...also known as my niece, mama to Clara and Colby, and frequent commenter here.

Amanda was chosen scientifically by my yelling upstairs to the girls saying "Give me a number between one and fifty."   Bunny replied "10" and Belle replied "100".  So ten it was. And Amanda was No. 10 on my list of commenters.

An Amazon.com gift card (and/or a drawing of her choice but I know Amanda and I bet she'll go for the gift card!) will be on her way.

Thanks to all who commented/signed up/logged on.

Looking forward to sharing another year of blogging and challenges with all of you.

And a teaser for next week:  No. 12 on the list is done.  Stay tuned for the results.

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