09 September 2013

Walking and Wagging.

No. 42 Again: Do a charity walk.

Carlos and I did the Salida K9 Cancer walk on Saturday morning.

Between the Farmer's Market on the far side of the park and 
and all the dogs there for the walk- it was a busy morning at Alpine Park.

We raised a little money and got to get out and walk and talk and wag our tails with a bunch of nice people.

There were tons of Golden Retrievers and a large group of Labradoodles plus  a whole bunch of other pups.

Carlos picked a cute little Wheaten Terrier to walk with- the two of them set a nice pace together. The Wheaten Terrier's mom was friendly and we chatted for the two + miles/45 minutes it took us to walk.

Park Rules: No Dogs Allowed.
Sorry the pic isn't clearer. 
You try taking pictures while controlling a spastic, hyped up 60 pound fireball.

I do love this pic of the sign in the park that all the dogs were walking past. It very boldly says
"NO DOGS ALLOWED".   Rules are made to be broken, right?

Anyway, we walked and wagged and Carlos only attempted humping a couple of the other dogs. (We are still working on some of his social skills.)   Money was raised and a lovely morning was had by all.

Carlos says this charity work is tiring.

Best of all, look who came home dog tired.

Read about my first charity walk here and here.

If you feel like donating to fight Canine Cancer, click here.

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